David Azzato Describes the COVID-19 Relief for the UK Investors

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered many business challenges. Entrepreneurs are heavily affected by the lockdowns instituted by the government, thereby disrupting business in the entire nation. After the lifting of the lockdown, the ministers are expected to develop a strategy for leveraging approximately two million investors who have not yet enjoyed the government support because […]

Why Is Leonid Radvinsky so Interested in Old Programming Languages?

Programming languages are a little like fashion in that they come and go based on the whims of developers. When old languages die off, either because they were clunky or because newer languages come along, visionaries don’t forget. Leo Radvinsky has looked to the past to plot the future. https://t.co/noo3LIJi5H pic.twitter.com/SuJYowWSS4 — Leo Radvinsky (@Leo_Radvinsky1) […]