Learn About A Lawyer: Trey Branham

Trey Branham holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Florida State University. He is also a law school graduate and has served at South Carolina Law Review as an associate article editor.

He was the first person in his family to attend college. When he was young, his stepfather taught him to work hard and live a life without regret. These qualities helped him become the man he is today.

Trey Branham worked for a short while at a large law firm and then started his firm, the Dean Omar Branham Shirley. The firm dedicates itself to helping people with life-altering problems. Together with his team, they are always looking for the most favorable outcome.

Trey works to ensure that his client’s voice gets amplified. He wants to make a better world for the future generation. Every day, he strives for new opportunities to represent his clients ideally.

A typical day for the lawyer starts at 6 am. His day remains busy with an internal strategy discussion, calls with opposing counsel, brief writing, and calls with clients. He sleeps only about 4 hours during a trial to focus on the case. His support staff is an essential part of his team; they ensure that everything flows in line.

To bring his ideas to life, Trey Branham collaborates with his team so that they can learn from each other. All of his team members have many years of experience in the firm. Through collaboration, they can narrate their clients’ stories in the most realistic way possible.

One trend that excites Trey Branham is the virtual courtroom. It has helped improve their levels of creativity. Before the pandemic, they had to travel for long hours meeting with witnesses, working with clients, and court hearings. This hassle is much less now. Today they can concentrate on improving creativity to better the product of their work.

Trey believes that it is necessary to love what you do to remain productive. Without passion, you can’t succeed in your work. Trey is constantly curious about learning new things about his practice. This has helped him become innovative and successful in life.