Haroldo Jacobovicz On Developing Transformative Solutions

Through his value for hard work, Haroldo Jacobovicz has created his niche in the industry. He has drummed for change passionately through his love for innovation. The leader is the founder of various companies in Brazil. He is the brains behind the strong foundation of Horizons telecommunication. The company was established after he realized that many businesses lacked solutions in technology. He also explored other opportunities through the foundation of the Datacenter.

The transformative game-changer is also involved in other ventures, including the e-Governance. Before mega-industry transitions the industry, Haroldo Jacobovicz worked for other companies. Among them include Exxon Mobile. He was a creative leader leaving the company with other top accolades and was also recognized for his dynamic transformations with a higher rank. The established engineer motivates other startups by showing them the best strategies to grow their business.

The impactful entrepreneur has remarkably influenced the community through his philanthropic activities. He has continued to give back to the community through various initiatives. Among them is his support for the daycare centers, and nursing homes, among other institutions. Further, he works with other individuals through the Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute to make an impact on other people.

The organization is also administratively run by other family members, including his wife Sarita Zlotnik and his daughters. The Curitiba native has been charitable in other ways, especially by hugely supporting other innovative projects in the community, hospitals, and schools. His love for people has been evaluated through his corporate companies. The workers are united together through a conducive work environment. Other benefits include health insurance, among others.

The entrepreneur has been a force to reckon with in the community. Besides opening job opportunities, he has been keen to help others achieve through the providence of education. He believes in good education for the future of the innovative industry. The eldest of his four siblings was an intuitive child when growing up. He attended the Parana University, where he studied civil engineering. He is also a media influencer through platforms like Facebook and Instagram.