Rizhao Steel: Quality Steel by Du Shuanghua

Du Shuanghua

Du Shuanghua is not a name to forget in the steel business. Du Shuanghua knows just about all there is in the way of producing, importing or exporting, manufacturing, and re-liquidating certain valuable steel and ore products (like iron and more). He has been there and done that for many years, and has owned millions in capital and sales from his company of Rizhao Steel back in 2010 (which is now called Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co Ltd). The business of his has been through many mergers and changes in name, but it remains no less the same: committed to providing quality liquid steel that has been perfectly refined and is usable for all. He bases his operations right out of China, where he is from, and works tirelessly every single week to make sure things are always running up to perfect speed at the end of the day. Get connected with Du Shuanghua on crunchbase.com

He sold the last bits of his final stake in the prior Rizhao company, at about 33% in shares, to the new aforementioned company name of Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co Ltd. It was one of the best decisions he ever made, as he recalls.

He has acquired a controlling stake in other companies, as well, knowing much about the value of certain steel and its processing input or output, all in all. He himself worked in the steel business, after all, as a minor employee on the front lines. This was back in 1983, which he recalls as his very first steel job; he worked in a small mill and learned every single little thing that he could. He now specializes in globalizing self-made steel for all. He now lives in Hengshui, China and is 57 years old but still a hard working individual.