Luke Lazarus: The Man Behind the Veil

Luke Lazarus has grown to be one of the most sought consultants in the Startup business in Melbourne, Australia.

He has taken consultancy to another level by helping Startups thrive with an almost unique and uncomplicated approach.

Through him, new generations of business-savvy entrepreneurs have been given a fresh breath of life to start their journey to successful startup companies.

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Lazarus first began his journey in the suburbs of Perth, Australia, where his exceptional prowess in education earned him offers from several American Ivy League colleges.

However, he chose to remain in his home country and pursue Business Administration at the Melbourne Business School, where he graduated.

Having attained the necessary qualifications and background studies, he delved into the business world and incredibly achieved success by creating four separate startup companies in just ten years after graduating from college.

His newfound success did not stop at that.

He sold all his ventures and attained financial stability, which was the building block to finding a calling in consultancy, where he founded Luke Lazarus Consulting.

Using his business acumen in the startup field, he took joy in helping other startups find their way towards success by incorporating his experience and guidance to the companies seeking his services.

He supports his clients in several ways, including a deep dive into the aspects of the business to root out the problematic areas by finding long-term solutions and encouraging company owners to make necessary organizational changes to serve the purpose of the company best.

Lazarus has also gone a step further in using technology best to serve his clients through social media such as Twitter, and Instagram, among others, to better connect with existing and potential clients.

He has found a niche in the business by seeing what others overlook, which is understanding and employing the power of social media.

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