Taking a Look at Precision MD CEO Mahmoud Khattab

Mahmoud Khattab is the CEO of Precision MD in California and has been a member of the medicine community in the state for close to thirty years. He is a graduate of University of Damascus, a high ranked medical school based in Syria. He completed school in 1993 and immigrated to the United States soon after.

He has been passionate about healthcare, an aspect that has guided his life in the medicine field, up to the point where he opened his own practice. His practice is aimed at helping those who need medical help the most. This means it offers resources that help people in vulnerable areas practice preventative measures to ensure they do not fall sick a lot and hence need medical care they cannot afford.

Aside from practicing medicine, Mahmoud Khattab also has a heart for philanthropy. He has engaged in numerous causes, with the most significant one being his work with Syrian refugees and immigrants. Working in philanthropy has led him into numerous charity boards.

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Precision MD is located in California and offers cosmetic services such as fillers, chemical peels, hair removal procedures and more. Clients can book appointments and get both surgical and non-surgical procedures done. Mahmoud took his time to recruit employees who he was sure put the client’s needs first and also grow their careers at the same time.

Mahmoud leads by example and advocating for good health for him starts by living it. He eats and exercises regularly.

He also advices that people should keep going in any venture, entrepreneurial or not. He credits persistence as one of the traits that has enabled him to succeed as far as he has. Waking up and going on everyday will eventually pay off someday, and for Mahmoud Khattab, Precision MD in California is just one example of this success.