Brandon Taubman: From Baseball Recruiting to Real Estate Investing

Brandon Taubman is the CEO of EPodcastNetwork and a data scientist with a decade of experience in baseball recruiting and analytics. In this episode of CEO Spotlight, he discusses how his skillset transitioned from baseball to real estate investing and the importance of data science in both industries.

Brandon discusses the data science tools and techniques to help teams like the Yankees and Astros win World Series titles. He also shares how his skills proved useful when Brandon Taubman started investing in real estate properties, including rental houses. By collecting information about various markets around the country, Brandon can predict pricing trends and determine which locations are best suited for investment opportunities. In addition, we cover topics such as:

The difference between a baseball scout’s evaluation of talent versus machine learning models is why it can be difficult for scouts with traditional methods to see past biases when evaluating players during live games or even watching tapes later on at home (14:00). How platforms like LinkedIn helped Brandon Taubman recruit new talent for the Yankees and Astros (15:30). His experience working with data science teams at both franchises, including what he learned from them and how they worked together to achieve success (17:00).

Understanding your customer’s needs is important before automating any process; some examples include auto-deliveries through Amazon Prime or scheduling rides on UberEats when you’re hungry but don’t want to drive anywhere (20:00). Why collaboration is key in real estate investing, whether that means working with other investors on a deal or helping tenants who may need assistance filling out paperwork for their rental application (23:30) The skillset needed to become a successful investor – how does someone break into the industry from scratch? (25:30)

How data science can be used to predict housing market trends and identify investment opportunities; some examples include analyzing consumer behavior and comparing prices between different cities/regions across a country or even continent-wide (29:00). Brandon also shares his thoughts on how technology will continue changing real estate over time. He believes that platforms such as Zillow have already revolutionized home buying by giving people access to information about properties they may not otherwise know existed before making an offer. Website: