Barry Lall: How Pinnacle Hotels USA Is Enhancing Human Resource Management

Traditionally, organizations operating in the restaurant business have been known to ignore the interests and well-being of their employees. Such facilities are highly known to focus on their customers and the profits they are making from their services. Only a few entities in this sector have been spending their resources in trying to enhance the well-being of their workers. That is why most of these facilities have failed to emerge as important organizations in the country.

Recently, reports showed that Pinnacle Hotels USA stands out as one of the few organizations in this sector that have been highly focused on paying attention to the needs of its workers. This is not the first time that the company has emerged as the only organization that is concerned about such issues.

Barry Lall has made sure that the company has some of the best human resource management techniques that value the role of the workers in the organization.

According to the industrial observers, Pinnacle Hotels USA is the only restaurant in the country that has been very aggressive in paying attention to employee training. This means that the company is willing to spend extra resources to ensure that its workers possess the right skills. Dr Barry Lall believes training employees play a vital role in their motivation while at the same time ensuring that such individuals offer the best services to their customers.Go to this page for additional information.

Besides training employees in the organization, Bharat has been highly focused on ensuring that the employees in the company have been getting professional compensation. This means that the workers have been getting a reward for the role they have been playing in the success of the business. Employee compensation helps in retaining the best workers in the company while at the same time ensuring that such individuals have a sense of belonging in their entities.


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