QNET is global e-commerce that provides customers worldwide with products and services of high quality. It operates by the principle of multi-level marketing, where people enrolled in the program sell products and compensation by the number of sales.

Many people do not understand direct selling. It has made QNET the subject of suspicion to a pyramid scheme. However, it has never been convicted in a court of law anywhere in the world. QNET scam involves a few independent representatives who do not act according to the company regulations. Find below reasons why QNET is a legitimate business.

Transparent commission payment system

QNET pays commission based on the volume of sales, which is the acceptable form of compensation in sales. QNET scam is a lie because it does not operate like pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes compensate one by the number of people recruited into the business. Pyramids schemes are unfair because the top people receive more than recruits.

Global operations

QNET operates in several countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Germany, Rwanda, and Singapore testifies its legitimacy. These countries have strict regulations on consumer protection that cannot permit pyramid schemes to operate.

Corporate social responsibility

Pyramids schemes do not give back to society. QNET is a legit business involved in uplifting people’s lives in India, Sri Lanka, and Sub-Saharan Africa. The founder’s vision was to ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’ This signifies giving back to society because it allows businesses to thrive.

Duration of operation

Illegitimate businesses are unsustainable and do not stay long in operations. Over twenty of direct selling from its humble beginnings in Southeast Asia make QNET scam propaganda. The way it has gained momentum in other emerging global economies is a testimony of its legitimacy.

Membership into various regulatory bodies

Direct selling firms regulated by Direct Selling Associations, of which QNET is a party in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, France, and Spain.

Winning global awards

QNET is not a scam because it has won several awards for its innovation in business tools, educational videos, and marketing materials. Some of the accolades include Globee Award, Titan Business awards, and Stevie Awards.

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