Gordonstoun Continues to Stretch its Rich Educational Traditions Through the Duke of Edinburgh Award

If you are aware of Scotland´s Gordonstoun school, then you have most likely heard of Dr. Kurt Hahn, its founder.

Other than being the founder, Hahn is recognized for instigating a school award known as the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

With its origin within Gordonstoun, this prestigious award has been awarded to students from over 125 other countries.

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Educational History of Dr. Hahn

For you to have a complete understanding of how the award works and what its purpose is, you need to have a complete understanding of Hahn himself and his motivations that helped him maintain his dedication towards honesty and ethics.

Born and raised in Berlin, his Jewish heritage allowed him to grow his theories in teaching throughout the Gottingen and Heidelberg universities.

Besides these, he attended Oxford university throughout his educational career.

Throughout the conclusion of WW I, Hahn continued through school administration and made a partnership with Prince Max, former Chancellor of Germany, where the Salem School was founded.

The Gordonstoun School´s Beginnings

Shortly after the Nazi party took power in Germany, Hahn knew that he had to flee, which landed him in Moray, Scotland.

While in Scotland, Hahn set a new school in motion. Being inspired by his love of knowledge and helping the youth develop, he was able to be sponsored by the wealthy community in order to begin the Gordonstoun school in Salem, England.

Under the same name as the estate in which it is built, its reputation grew rapidly due to Hahn´s school curriculum and growth of character.

Since its beginnings, the Gordonstoun campus reaches an astounding 200+ acres where each student takes part in a variety of subjects and outdoor activities, which allow them to take advantage of the peaceful surroundings.

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