How Has Citizen App Aided In Taking Safety Precautions?

Citizen App is a news app that provides real-time safety alerts to its users and instant information to 911. It is a safety app that keeps people and their loved ones aware of their surroundings and helps in undertaking safety measures. Citizen App has witnessed a rapid growth and usage rate since May 2020, with over 7 million users and more than 234,000 downloads. In addition, people can also use Citizen to check for police availability during protests and demonstrations.

Citizen App is a New-York based app that started in 2016 as a Vigilante app. However, in 2017, the app changed its name to Citizen and did a new relaunch. Since Citizen did a relaunch, it has consistently urged its users to avoid taking matters into their own hands; rather, to be aware and alerted of incidents around them and wait for law enforcers and practitioners to respond. Citizen has been noticed for their unbiased services, such that everyone using the app is treated equally regardless of gender, race, age, or religion.

Citizen App gained recognition multiple times since its establishment by sending alerts of possible crime rates, such as when a kidnapped young boy was found in Manhattan and fire blasted at Trump Tower in the same region in 2019. Citizen app works similarly to police scanner apps such that it monitors 911 communications through radio antennas in several major cities and mostly plays videos at an incredible speed.

With numerous communications coming in every minute, the Citizen team filters and screens important information by creating factual and short alerts sent to anyone within reach, from a quarter-mile or less. Citizen is currently available in 22 major cities including, Detroit, Chicago, Austin, Houston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc. The app is available for Android and iOS software systems. Visit this page to learn how to be part of their family.


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