The Positive Impact Of Diversity And Innovation Success With Richard DeVaul

In Silicon Valley, there is a lot of talk about diversity. In fact, diversity has been at the forefront of many conversations for quite some time now because it’s clear that diverse teams are more successful than homogenous ones.

Richard DeVaul, who recently spoke with CEOWorld Magazine, discussed why he believes this to be true and what steps need to be taken in order to create a more diverse workforce going forward.

It’s very interesting that it’s actually not just about being diverse. The data says that the thing that causes you to fail or succeed is whether your team gets along well and if they can work out their differences. While diversity is important, DeVaul believes homogeneous teams are more likely to experience success because while diversity affects how people interact with each other, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be able to get along. He also said this comes down to personality types; introverts need time apart in order to recharge whereas extroverts work better when surrounded by others.

The outcome is that you have to be aware of different people’s personality types in order to optimize their potential. This brings about an important question if diversity matters so much in the workplace, why are more companies not promoting it?

DeVaul believes it is simply a matter of prioritizing diversity. In other words, creating more diverse work teams takes time and effort which could possibly get in the way of doing something else. Read this article for more information.

Richard DeVaul does recognize this may seem like a challenge but if more people spoke up about these issues then perhaps, we will start seeing progress made sooner rather than later. He also admitted that while diversity is discussed quite frequently, there isn’t enough focus on the aspects of what really defines diversity such as race and gender. For example, if a company wants to create more diversity in their workforce, they have to be willing to hire people from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Richard DeVaul is the founder of Gaiam, Inc. and has been with the company since 2001. He was born in Los Angeles, California on November 30th, 1957 to a successful Hollywood film producer father and an artist mother. Richard graduated from UCLA with degrees in both business administration and economics before working for American Express Financial Advisors as vice president of sales & marketing.


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