How Tim Murawski Will Change How Surgery is Done

Tim Murawski is changing medicine by how surgeries are being conducted. Murawski is the President and Chief Commercial Officer of Augmedics. Augmedics designs medical devices and it is responsible for the creation of a device called Xvision Spine System(XVS). According to Tim Murawski, the XVision Spine System allows surgeons to see through the skin and tissue of patients as if the surgeon had x-ray vision. Murawski was nominated for the 2021 Index Award. The Index Award is to acknowledge innovations that improve lives. 


Murawski has over 20 years of experience and during his career, he has been a part of companies such as Mazor Robotics who created the Mazar Robot. For years, Tim Murawski led Mazor Robotics to grow to nearly $1.6 billion. He shows how robotics are efficient and changing healthcare. Tim Murawski had a vision that robots will be conducting surgeries into the future and it would lead him to a company called Intuitive Surgical. At Intuitive Surgical, he would help with a product called the daVinci system. The daVinci system would be approved to conduct surgeries such as General laparoscopic and Thoracoscopic. 

Healthcare expert Tim Murawski has shown that use of robots in healthcare makes a work environment safe and more efficient. Tim Murawski earned a degree in Operations Management and Supervision from Western Illinois University. He finds time to spend with his family and will do yard work. He also likes water skiing. Successful businessman and entrepreneur Tim Murawski understands remote monitoring. Remote monitoring allows medical data to be transmitted from devices and gadgets worn by the patient while at home. Data would be transmitted via the Internet.