Eric Lefkofsky´s Role in Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most successful business people globally. He has achieved so much since he ventured into the business industry. However, his most notable achievement is the founding of Tempus a few years back. When starting the company, Eric Lefkofsky´s primary objective was to bring a positive change in the medical industry. However, he also had personal reasons for setting up the firm, and that’s why he has been dedicated to ensuring that he succeeds in his mission. 


The firm has significantly transformed the healthcare industry by making it easy to access information and medical records through technology. The company has made it easy to gather and analyze clinical and molecular data. Besides, it enables healthcare professionals to offer personalized care to patients suffering from different medical conditions. Led by Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus’ business model primarily focuses on infectious and life-threatening conditions. Their main focus is cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental conditions, and other serious conditions.


Tempus also collaborates with different companies to develop new and better technological discoveries that make the industry better. Nevertheless, according to its CEO, Eric Lefkofsky, the company might not have registered so much success if they didn’t get help from their clinical partners. Since Tempus started operating, it has collaborated with cancer centers and professional physicians in different projects. The company has achieved a lot of success, and its reputation has increased significantly worldwide in the last few years. When speaking about the firm’s achievements, Eric Lefkofsky said that he is thrilled with the progress to date. He also appreciates the investors and talented team, which he believes have helped the company realize success.

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