Larry Baer Has Been Spearheading Giants To Great Heights

Baer began his professional baseball career in 1968 at the MLB New York office. He was the first person hired in the newly created business development department at the MLB Advanced Media Division, and stayed at the job until he joined the Giants in 1992.

His first assignment was as the area scout covering northern New Jersey and the Delaware Valley, and he worked in that position for the Pirates until he joined the Yankees in 1986 as the minor league operations coordinator. The Giants CEO was the New York Yankees’ area scout in the New Jersey area, later the Central and South Atlantic area scout, and was promoted to the farm director in 1994, responsible for evaluating and signing amateur players.

Larry Baer’s career began in 1971 in the South Coast Real Estate Development company, where he built residential and commercial properties. He later was general manager of Tri-Valley Development Co., where he was responsible for building residential developments in the Tri-Valley area of Northern California.

In 1988, the SF Giants CEO became executive vice president of Sotheby’s in Los Angeles, and in 1990 was appointed executive vice president and regional director for the West and South regions. He also served as a member of the board of directors of the University of Southern California and was a director of the USC Alumni Association.

The Giants won seven World Series, including five in the past 15 years. But the Giants had no radio agreement. Just a year before Baer took the job in 1992, the Giants had signed a 10-year, $6 million contract with San Francisco International Airport to broadcast games over the radio. After an afternoon of hearing the games on the radio and seeing his fan base’s reaction to the Giants’ World Series loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, Baer had an epiphany: If the Giants didn’t sign a new radio deal, they would have a bad radio deal for 10 more years.Watch this video on YouTube, for additional information.


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