The Professional Journey of Jason Hughes CEO of Hughes Marino

Jason Hughes got his MBA and BS from the University of San Diego and Pepperdine University, respectively. The CEO of Hughes Marino has taken executive education from other institutions receiving public recognition through television programs and publications for his expertise in the commercial industry. Jason Hughes started his career at Cushman and Wakefield in Los Angeles before moving to San Diego to represent tenants, corporations, and nonprofits leasing and purchasing commercial property. 


Later, Jason started his company Hughes Marino, a tenant and buyer representation company in the commercial industry, which has recorded impressive success. The company has expanded its services on the West Coast, increasing its market in the area. Under the leadership of Jason, his company Hughes Marino expanded the services by offering customers lease auditing, lease accounting, project management, lease restructuring, and other commercial services that are in demand (F6s). 


Jason has led in negotiating tenant lease transactions conducting leases and purchases of millions of square feet in the commercial industry. The services of Hughes Marino and Jason Hughes leadership have earned several awards due to experience and several customers. On the success of Hughes Marino, he shared that the company’s success is due to the core values and teamwork of the staff to deliver exceptional services. Hughes Marino has contributed to the growth of different corporations with strategic commercial solutions. The CEO of Hughes Marino ensures transparency for buyers and tenants to enjoy their commercial journey. The company’s success took time, dedication, and hard work to achieve the results that have triggered success.