ZILCH: Fintech Payment System Innovator

Zilch offers a purchase now and pay later (BNPL) card growing so fast in terms of sign-ups that they have just emptied another round of funding to scale the payment system further up. Zilch is the first BPNL card that consumers can utilize to purchase from retailers without additional fees. Zilch will provide instant access and is entirely interest-free.

Based in London and launched just last year, Zilch allows shoppers of online retail locations that agree to take Mastercard and can extend their payments with no additional fees. Zilch has no interest rate and can be utilized at over 10,000 online stores, including eBay, Amazon, Nike, and Adidas. In-store shopping features with Zilch are coming soon.

The new over-the-top $10 million funding round will allow Zilch to connect directly with the customer instead of the retailer. The increased funding will also expand the customer base, with a current waiting list of 65,000 that needs to be accommodated into the platform.

This revolutionary payment system is one of the significant factors Mastercard formed a strategic partnership with Zilch. This partnership allows customers to use their Zilch Virtual Mastercard at all online retailers that accept Mastercard. Shoppers now have better flexibility in managing their cash in their own time.

Zilch’s founders, Philip Belamant and Serge Belamant, are entrepreneurs with previous businesses listed in Forbe’s top 100 companies.

Learn more about Zilch : https://www.payzilch.com/