The Career of Tim Ioannides

Tim has always done things his own way & marched to the beat of his own drum but is that how he came to be as successful as he is now? Well, he doesn’t think he can say one way or the other.,h_256,w_256,f_auto,g_faces,z_0.7,q_auto:eco/x89ejzkvvbunzj2mpmloHe was born & raised in the backstreets of Orlando & knew he wanted to go into the field of medicine from a young age. But it was not until he got to college that he knew he wanted to study skin.

After graduating high school, he could have gone to any college he could dream of but, in the end, realized UM was the right path for him. So he enrolled there in the fall of 92 & declared his major when he had reached the end of his sophomore year.

After finishing in the top ten of his class, he went on to med school where he worked hard to earn his MD. Tim Ioannides MD knew it would not be an easy feat but was determined to see it through to the end. When he finally got it, he went on to intern at one of the local practices. He liked it at first but soon found out they were only in it for the money.

So he left & opted to open his own practice where every patient would be treated with the respect & compassion they deserve. He was not sure if had what it took to run his own business but it has now been going strong for more than two decades.

He makes sure to have all his staff take their notes with a pen or pencil so they can focus on the patient in lieu of their screens. He also works as a professor at his alma mater to teach dermatology.

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