Zilch: A Dolphin Among Sharks

In pursuit of a more fair financial option, Zilch (the dolphin) is pushing forward with a new buy-now-pay-later virtual card. The company has chosen to give their customers 0% interest on purchases and protect their customer from spending more than they can afford. Whereas so many competitors (the sharks) charge insane interest rates and never offer their customers any protection based on their customers income/ financial well-being. Zilch wants to give their customer base freedom and responsibility with 6 weeks to pay back their purchase amount within 6 weeks and only paying 25% of their purchase up front. When calculating 25% up front versus paying interest with a competing company the best solution is a simple choice. The money you pay goes toward your purchase as opposed to fees. Right now the virtual cards are what Zilch issues but they are working towards developing physical cards that customers can carry in store to make purchases with. It must be a good feeling to be the dolphin for their customers amongst so many sharks in the financial world and to not be “the normal” amongst other finance companies who also offer buy-now-pay-later at the expense of the people they are supposedly trying to support when they’re really robbing them. Working with Zilch you know they’re getting good sleep at night and so are you!

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