Georgette Mulheir: Dangerous Gangs in Haiti

Three years ago, Georgette Mulheir made some serious announcements about a gang leader based in Haiti. Georgette Mulheir said that the gang leader, known to many as Barbecue, had been giving residents in the country sleepless nights. Jimmy Cherizier led his team to attack a certain neighborhood. When the police and global human rights defendants such as Georgette Mulheir tried to investigate the matter more, they realized that it was very serious because dozens of people had lost their lives. The attackers killed both men and women.  


Young children above the age of four years died because of the shooting registered on the fateful day. The most horrible thing about the attackers was the fact that they fed the bodies of the victims to pigs and dogs. The women in the neighborhood suffered a lot during the attack Georgette Mulheir points out. Some of these women were brutally raped by the members of the gang then later on set on life and left to die. Their husbands and children could only watch while their wives underwent the serious pain. The murders were very cruel because they decided to kill some infants in front of their parents. 


One baby aged ten months was killed and his body taken by the killers.  Human rights defendant Georgette Mulheir, like any other human right defender in the community and around the globe, was furious because of what the gangs had chosen to do. The incidence seemed to be very rare in the world (Londonlovesbusiness). 


The organized criminals murdered many people without thinking about the lives of the innocent children. Activist and global leader Georgette Mulheir researched about gangs later on, and she still found out that things were not different in other parts of the country. The Haitian people have been suffering silently because of threats from the gangs. The killings have become ordinary in the society, and no one is brave enough to speak out because they know that the gangs will come for them. According to Georgette Mulheir, the Haiti police have not provided protection and help to the people being killed. None of the families have received justice since the murders were announced three years ago. This can only mean that the police are afraid of the gangs, or they have partnered with the gangs to make the communities suffer.