Pam Baer’s Support For Mental Health Patients During The Pandemic

Pam Baer loves charity work, and she has helped numerous people for many years now. She mainly concentrates on improving public healthcare facilities. Pam, a San Francisco General Hospital Foundation’s lifetime director, organizes events and campaigns to raise funds for helping the less fortunate in society.

There has been a great need to provide help in the healthcare sector, especially after the effects caused by COVID-19. Pam Baer’s commitment to supporting Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital continues since there is a need to help vulnerable individuals during this time. ZSFG is an organization that keeps poor people, those without homes and insurance. It also allows individuals that migrate to different areas.

Since early 2020 when the pandemic struck, the organization has sought to determine how their social-economic issues can affect someone’s health and well-being. Pamela Baer believes that problems that emerge from mental health have increased in society. That has led the organization to find improved ways of supporting the community.

Pam started a health fund to support mental health projects such as Transform Mental & Behavioral Health Fund. Since 2018 during its launch, the establishment raised five million dollars. The funds provide access to treatment and care for people with health care problems. In addition, the pandemic brought a greater need to create facilities where mental health patients would get the right support.

ZSFG provides psychiatric services for patients within and around San Francisco round the clock. It receives over 8,000 patients in need of emergency psychiatric treatment each year. Public funds provided to ZSFG are enough to cater to most of its services. However, the mental health department requires more than what is offered, which is why Pam and her team find ways of raising more funds. She served as a board member at the San Francisco General Hospital foundation until 2018, when they made her a lifetime director. Click here to learn more.


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