IM Academy’s Digital Teaching Platform

IM Academy started as a partnership between Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry in 2013. The company, whose offices are located in New York City, sells digital education products and services. Through the products and services, trainers teach the interested students how to trade foreign exchange. The academy has an online channel that uses to market and sell its supplies.

When the partners opened the company, they planned to provide individuals with essential skills to help the trade individually. When the firm has been in business, more than 225,000 customers have enjoyed their services. The company has employees from different localities since they work remotely. That helps the academy save on the funds they would have used to pay for additional expenses such as paying more staff and additional rent.

The company’s leaders also employ individuals from different places, which favored its operations within the coronavirus pandemic era. Providing remote services also enabled the firm to remain in business when many other companies ceased operating because of Covid-19. IM academy sells products in the form of training programs.

People interested in purchasing them should find them on the company’s website. Learners can choose the DCX, FRX, ECX, and HFX academies that the firm sells. They can also buy Elite academies, which the academy sells at discounted amounts.

Those interested in the academy’s training can find instructors known as IM educators who conduct it on the internet. The service is known as “GoLive” lessons, which are presented using 13 different languages. That helps students from different locations to follow up on the sessions depending on the language they understand.

Each lesson takes one hour, within which students ask all the questions they have and talk about the day’s teachings. IM Academy stores all the sessions in its library for learners to access them using their mobile gadgets. See related link to learn more.


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