Gary McGaghey Recap

Gary McGaghey is a successful real estate developer and entrepreneur who has built his company into one of the country’s leading residential real estate development firms. Known for his style, which he describes as ‘casual brooding bad boy,’ McGaghey is married to Catherine McGaghey , with whom he has two children. He also owns a […]

On the Importance of Being Grateful for the Little Things in Life, by Sudhir Choudhrie

When Sudhir Choudhrie was only eight years old, his mother decided to purchase an insurance policy that required a complete medical examination. This was the first indication that Mr. Choudhrie’s future would be fraught with difficulty. Because of Choudhrie’s leaking heart valve, which caused his heart to skip beats, that visit revealed that he had […]

Artist to the Core: Franci Neely

She is an artist and entrepreneur who works with many charities and nonprofits in various capacities, including advocating for the homeless and the environment. When she is not busy with her four children, she can travel around the world with her husband, Jim Neely, owner of Whataburger—they were high school sweethearts! Also read: Franci Neely […]

 Gary McGaghey CFO William Lea Tag.

Gary McGaghey CFO William Lea Tag. Gary McGaghey is a transformation and value creation executive with over 25 years of experience in public accounting, industry, and consulting. He has a proven track record of partnering with CEOs and Boards to drive shareholder value through operational improvements, growth initiatives, and adequate capital deployment. Gary has served […]

How IM Academy Teaches Forex Education Skills

IM Academy is an online education institution based in New York City. The academy was founded by entrepreneurs, Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. IM Academy thrives on the vision of increasing the availability of educational material for forex education. Its education has been able to reach more than a hundred thousand students in […]

Raffaele Riva Propelling AUREA To New Heights Of Financial Services In Europe

AUREA’s founder, co-owner, and international businessman Raffaele Riva has a broad wealth of experience and a long-standing history in managing successfully international financial transactions. The founder has previously worked in a myriad of contexts with firms across the globe, which is why he serves at the brim of the AUREA Multi-Family Office company. The firm […]

Mirabaud and Sustainable Art

Mirabaud Group is a financial organization based in Switzerland. This group was founded in 1819. Six partners are involved in the institution’s management. Mirabaud offers services in brokerage, wealth, and asset management to private organizations and clients globally. Here is how the institution ensures art is sustainable! The group’s active commitment to contemporary art surpasses […]