On the Importance of Being Grateful for the Little Things in Life, by Sudhir Choudhrie

When Sudhir Choudhrie was only eight years old, his mother decided to purchase an insurance policy that required a complete medical examination. This was the first indication that Mr. Choudhrie’s future would be fraught with difficulty. Because of Choudhrie’s leaking heart valve, which caused his heart to skip beats, that visit revealed that he had […]

Raffaele Riva Propelling AUREA To New Heights Of Financial Services In Europe

AUREA’s founder, co-owner, and international businessman Raffaele Riva has a broad wealth of experience and a long-standing history in managing successfully international financial transactions. The founder has previously worked in a myriad of contexts with firms across the globe, which is why he serves at the brim of the AUREA Multi-Family Office company. The firm […]

 Kristin Ihle Helledy On Maximizing Potential

Kristin Ihle Helledy has devoted the past 30 years of her life to the advancement of human performance – both personally and in her professional life. For her own personal achievements, she was a seven-time All-American undergraduate competitor who was sponsored by Nike throughout her post-collegiate running career. She represented the United States on seven […]

 Why Vijay Eswaran is Urging Business Leaders to Empower their Workers

Vijay Eswaran has always been an exceptional business leader who believes that the organization’s success is usually based on the most appropriate strategies that organizations are using to manage most of the challenges they are currently facing. But unfortunately, this has not been a common issue among other business leaders who have been working hard […]

Joseph Ashford’s Spotlight Interview: Creator and CEO of K4 Global

Joseph Ashford Ellis is a popular investor and humanitarian in London. K4 Global makes him famous because it is among the best marketing company in Bournemouth and the U.K. at large. Joseph Ashford also chips in to help kids struggling with epidermolysis bullosa through his establishment called The Butterfly Foundation. However, Joseph Ashford Ellis has […]

 Brandon Taubman: From Baseball Recruiting to Real Estate Investing

Brandon Taubman is the CEO of EPodcastNetwork and a data scientist with a decade of experience in baseball recruiting and analytics. In this episode of CEO Spotlight, he discusses how his skillset transitioned from baseball to real estate investing and the importance of data science in both industries. Brandon discusses the data science tools and […]

Barry Lall: How Pinnacle Hotels USA Is Enhancing Human Resource Management

Traditionally, organizations operating in the restaurant business have been known to ignore the interests and well-being of their employees. Such facilities are highly known to focus on their customers and the profits they are making from their services. Only a few entities in this sector have been spending their resources in trying to enhance the […]

How CEO Greg Blatt Is Changing The World With His Innovative Leadership Methods

CEO World Magazine’s “Executive Spotlight: Greg Blatt”, discussed how Blatt was able to capitalize on a burgeoning industry and ensure its sustained relevance in the ever-changing tech world. Greg Blatt is changing the world as an Independent Entrepreneur. Under his leadership, Tinder became one of the world’s most popular mobile apps, boasting two billion unique […]