Commercial Ventures by Stephen Bittel

Stephen is a business owner with his operations based in Florida. He is the founder and the Chief Executive officer of Terranova Corporation, one of the leading firms in the commercial real estate industry. He is also a multi-strategy real estate and private equity investor. His business reputation has been dramatically built through his services provided to his clients with costly projects for representation. Despite his outstanding business portfolio in Florida, Stephen Bittel is a native of Miami, where he also attended his law course. He proved to be quite different from his father as he was a lawyer in real estate entrepreneurship.

Mr. Bittel founded the Terranova Corporation while still in law school in Miami. He worked very hard at home in helping the company grow from the ground upward. He dedicated his time and prioritized the firm’s activities, which eventually led to the high rate of its rising. Despite this sacrifice, he still passed and completed his law course. The Terranova company has improved to a significant commercial real estate firm in Florida through the many years that Bittel has served the community. It has maintained its relevance by the provision of high-quality services to clients. The firm has also remained vigilant in responding to the new opportunities available.

Stephen Bittel’s integrity and unrelenting drive have positively impacted the progress of the Terranova firm. He has provided the vision and a clear direction for his firm to use and succeed, centering the activities around the idea. His outstanding principles are the key factors that have contributed to the thriving of this firm. He has shown his concern and empathy by serving other people as it is in his businesses. The service to people has, in return, helped him understand the difference in how people perceive the world. This knowledge has facilitated his understanding of entrepreneurship tools to make a better investor.

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