Krishen Iyer, CEO of MIAS Consulting

Krishen Iyer was born and grew up in California. He attended Bullard high school and graduated in 1998. He wanted to join San Diego State University; thus, he moved to San Diego. After graduating, he joined the insurance sector. Krishen Iyer managed several companies and helped generate traffic to the insurance distribution centers in the field. Krishen is the founder of the MAIS consulting company located in Encinitas. 


The company deals with helping businesses in contracting and marketing. Therefore, led by Krishen Iyer, the companies have started seeing strategic growth in how they operate. After founding the MAIS consulting company, he became the CEO of Managed Benefits Services. The firm deals with helping clients generate leads in their business. MBS is a licensed insurance agency and marketing firm. Utilizing the best analytic process has helped the company generate leads and also get a chance to work with different business owners. 


Despite the company targeting a niche market, it also increases sales. Krishen is among those who like always learning new ways to improve their businesses. He also ensures that clients are served to satisfactory standards. Therefore Krishen Iyer starts his day by meeting the clients and listening to their opinion. He after that spent the rest of the day trying to find solutions to the problems raised. 

In addition, the successful businessman Krishen Iyer has always wanted families who cannot afford necessities. Thus, he came up with several charity groups, including Make-A-Wish Foundation. Finally, concerning his personal life, Krishen Iyer likes spending time with his family when he is not at work. He is also a soccer fan and enjoys playing chess and tennis.