Mahmoud Khattab — 2022 Health Care Outlook Globally: What the Future Holds for You.

The long-term prospects for the health care industry are promising and continue to affect sectors, ranging from the publicly held sectors to the more entrepreneurial. It is a place ready for disruption and growth, and the market for health care is growing, both in developed countries and in less-developed markets.

The global health care industry is by no means an easy industry to navigate, not for the faint of heart. It is, however, a fascinating one, as the industry is poised for an evolution not seen since the 1990s when the medical technology industry was equally transformed by the HIV pandemic and the increasing importance of drug discovery.

As part of the ongoing enterprise development of the new health care ecosystem, the trend analyses forecast growth drivers and provide information on the critical end-user, provider, and supply chain trends set to transform the landscape.

The U.S. health care sector will continue to be a major force for change and disruption throughout the decade. They must create a health care system that is more cost-effective and accountable; the system will continue to seek significant new cost reduction in traditional services and investments in highly innovative services. Such has the potential to reduce overall health care costs and reduce waste.

However, the rate of change will also increase substantially in the currently fragmented payer and provider environment, with integration efforts accelerating and multiple payer-provider mergers in progress or imminent. Providers will likely start implementing new patient care models based on patient-centered care as they grapple with the higher prevalence of infectious disease, aging populations, and the increasing demands of a global population suffering from chronic conditions.

Growth continues to accelerate as governments and international organizations strive to bring health care to all while balancing the ever-increasing demands of population health and risk management. Another important trend is emerging markets as an increasing influence on the sector’s future growth. Globally, emerging markets comprise 24% of the global population but only 18% of the industry. Emerging markets now make up approximately 27% of the population, making up 36% of the industry. That figure is likely to increase to 38% by 2021.

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