Entrepreneur Haroldo Jacobovicz Success Story

Haroldo Jacobovicz, a successful Brazilian entrepreneur and investor from Curitiba with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, started his first company at just 18. In 1983, Harold began working on microsystems; it would supply different businesses across Brazil, such as supermarkets or pharmacies, by providing information technology services through data processing units (DPU).

The project lasted one year before folding because DPUs weren’t profitable enough. Also, because of the high costs of electricity use, it made running these facilities uneconomical. Mainly because there were no subsidies from government programs like BolsaFamilia Program, such programs allow low-income families can get cash cards worth around 50 cents per day if enrolled children are present, plus an additional 25% bonus awarded upon enrollment. In 1982, as an oil sales agent, Harold Jacobovicz was offered a chance to join the Esso team (now Exxon Mobil Corporation) two years after graduation. He started at reserve status for his first few months before being promoted and made into a market analyst in 1986. He had responsibility for commercial techniques with other new enterprises based out of the southern region. It would include Nigeria, among other countries it operates in Africa, including Egypt, etc.

As a Technical Board advisor at the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant, Haroldo Jacobovicz returned to Curitiba in 1986. Over 30 years later, he founded Minauro Corporation with his wife and daughter as the directors. It was the first time a member of his family had been involved with business ventures before this point. The company specializes primarily in computer maintenance but has expanded into rental services for businesses across Brazil – contributing significantly toward its growth.

Haroldo Jacobovicz most remarkable endeavor was the construction of a Rock Cafe Restaurant in Brazil, which he operated for four years before handing over control. He also invested money into another business venture that entailed an American franchise with a global presence across 75 countries while building his enterprises and becoming an entrepreneur.