Eric Lefkofsky and His New Venture-Tempus

The company Tempus is on its way to opening a lab in Durhan, North Carolina. This Chicago biotech startup is possible in part, because of Eric Lefkofsky.  The new lab is going to be over 50,000 square feet and designed for genomic sequencing. As part of Durham’s Research Triangle Park. The lab is expected to open towards the end of 2021. It will hire around 200 people. The focus will be on the genomic sequencing techniques which make it so that doctors can personalize treatment for patients. 


Eric Lefkofsky is 100% focused on revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Instead of developing one therapy that will be in the form of medicine directed at all individuals, this technology will make it possible for doctors to essentially make personalized treatments for a single individual, targeting that individual’s illness in a way that’s directed only at them. Tempus raised more than $200 million last year in support of the new project, making them one of the most valuable startups that are currently operating in the Chicago area. 


Tempus medical research firm makes use of machine learning to do things like understanding cancer tumors, for example. According to Eric Lefkofsky, this makes it so that physicians can use this data from an individual to create treatments just for them. Tempus is also using machine learning along with genomic sequencing to help in other areas as well, including cardiology, infectious diseases, and even mental illnesses such as depression. It’s certainly an exciting time for medicine in general and the kind of medicine being produced by Tempus and its testing more in particular. There’s every indication that this will grow quickly.