Humanity is Safe in the Hand of Researcher David Schmidt

David Schmidt strongly believes in promoting a healthy population.

As a scientist and researcher, he has dedicated his life towards that end founding LifeWave, a health and wellness company.

David leverages his vast business and product development experience to drive the company to its current success.

As a holder of MIS and Biology degree, he has worked and owned several successful product developments and manufacturing companies.

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Besides LifeWave, David founded Advanced Applications Group, research, and development company that worked with the military to develop alternative methods of energy production.

The company successfully developed and prototyped several products, including metal-combustion rocket engines.

David’s contribution to innovation has seen him recognized globally, including earning an honorary doctorate.

However, perhaps the most significant part of his innovation that many people are familiar with is his work at LifeWave.

David’s research on harnessing the power of light to promote healing and natural rejuvenation has become part of his signature.

Following three years of intense research, David came to a breakthrough, and the result was what is now commonly known as LifeWave Technology.

The company he started in 2004 to promote the products of his successful research has since become a globally known company with highly revered products.

David also holds more than 90 patents with several others in processing.

David believes that he was always poised to become a researcher from an early age.

He narrates how he built rockets and dismantled whatever he could get his hand on to see how each worked.

As an ardent reader, David states that one of his reads pushed him to pursue a career in the field of biomimetic.

He says that through his career path, one thing led to another, and LifeWave was born.

The most recent product, the X39, is already proving to be another successful research for David.

He states that the product has undergone numerous clinical stories which have demonstrated its efficacy.

The product works by increasing the body’s energy naturally by harnessing the power of light.

David believes that more products are to come, and he is very dedicated to continuing with human benefiting research.

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