Betsy Devos

Are there two Betsy Devoses? Some people seem to think so. The former Trump Administration Secretary of Education is considered an All-Star within the Republican Party. A few people tend to underestimate DeVos because she is plain-spoken with a polite demeanor. But according to many who know her personally, that would be a big mistake. […]

Tieks, A Thriving Online Brands Led By Kfir Gavrieli

Tieks is among the greatest fashion brands existing in the fashion industry. It is also listed among the top brands to attain international popularity without constructing a brick-and-mortar store. Under its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kfir Gavrieli, it has gone up the ranks since its establishment. It distributes classy women ballet flats that are […]

Data Systems International Is Enabling Organizations To Handle Operations In Remote

In the wake of the global pandemic that seems to be ruing the traditional settings of various organizations, it is clear that companies need to have some additional means of working in remote. This requirement comes from the fact that businesses cannot continue to host employees on their premises, as this will be against some […]