CEO Desiree Perez reflects on the future opening of the Roc Nation School

Desiree Perez has a lot on her hands as the CEO of Roc Nation, the management of a cannabis company with Jay-Z, and the creation of the Roc Nation School of Music at Long Island University. The main purpose of the school is to give opportunities to immigrants and mold local homegrown talent. As a part of her mission to help the community, Roc Nation will provide 25% of the class with a full-ride so they can have an edge on the competition and make a name for themselves. Desiree Perez believes that some people just need an opportunity. One of the music label’s guiding principles is to mentor and create leaders.

The school, which will launch this fall, offers undergraduate programs in production, entrepreneurship, music technology, sports management, and music. Desiree Perez stated in an interview how important an education can be for young people succeeding and creating pathways. The CEO also believes the school can motivate others and help important causes. The Roc Nation School of Music will also offer internships and be taught by experts in their respective fields. She sees the school as a beacon for young people to learn, grow, mature, and act as a vehicle to unlock their hidden talents.

Desiree Perez stresses for people work hard and never give up on their dreams. Her days are often filled with meetings filled with representatives, artists, and executives. A typical day for her can start at 5 a.m. and finish by 11 p.m. She reflects that she has been motivated by Jay-Z and her fellow women at Roc Nation. Perez states how essential it is to set a precedent for others and be consistent in whatever she does. However, she stresses the importance of listening and learning along the journey to becoming a leader. The individual also recommends aspiring leaders to know their businesses purpose and the industry they specialize in.