Despite Having an Opportunity to Make More Money from Establishing Startups, Luke Lazarus Shifted His Focus on Assisting Other Entrepreneurs

Due to the competitive business environment, many entrepreneurs start their businesses with a man against the world mindset.

Starting up can be challenging, which requires business leaders to seek guidance from business advisers and experts.

Unlike other successful entrepreneurs who focus entirely on their growth and money, Luke Lazarus aims to help other entrepreneurs and innovators in their startups.

He believes that helping other entrepreneurs is crucial for a diversified and innovative market.

Being a successful business creator, Luke Lazarus has turned out to be a reliable business advisor.

At the age of 8 years, Luke Lazarus established his first business while still in elementary school. He scored higher grades in school and excelled very well in sports. His hard work in the classroom translated to success in startups.

His interest in entrepreneurship resulted in the creation of multiple successful companies. Luke Lazarus established four businesses that he sold for a significant profit in ten years.

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However, instead of focusing on making more money from creating more startups, he shifted his focus to helping the entrepreneur’s community to be successful in their startups.

Luke Lazarus was no longer interested in making more money, and he had a growing passion for seeing others succeed.

As a business consultant, he offers guidance that focuses not only on the business plan but also on connecting consumers and the stakeholders.

His advice has helped small businesses move from low business budgets to initial public offerings beyond millions of dollars.

Entrepreneurs who seek guidance from Luke Lazarus can develop practical solutions for the challenges facing their businesses.

He established Luke Lazarus consulting, a Melbourne based firm, to help those who would like to build their startups from the ground up.

Luke Lazarus graduated from the Melbourne Business School with a master’s degree in business administration.

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