Financial Guru And Skilled Investor, Peter Briger Calls Fortress Investment Group Home

Peter Briger has managed to become one of the leading experts in the financial industry when it comes to good investments. Today, he is the current president and board of directors co-chairman for Fortress Financial. He and two others started up Fortress Investment Group back in 2002 following Peter’s leave from Goldman Sachs. Peter worked at Goldman for more than a decade, helping the company grow and become more successful. Peter also gained all the skills and experience he needed at Goldman to create his own company.

Peter Briger earned his degree in business from Princeton University, later attending Pennsylvania University to complete his MBA. This level of education opened many doors for Peter, which is how he got into Goldman Sach’s in the first place right out of college. Peter spent years working up the ranks at Goldman Sachs and he was good at his job. He was able to quickly reach management positions at the company before he ended up leaving to take on a different business path.

Throughout the years, Peter Briger has been featured for his many accomplishments and is widely regarded as one of the leading investors in the country at Fortress Investment. Over the years, Peter has been an active philanthropist as well, donated millions of dollars to worthwhile causes, including the conservation of New York’s Central Park. On top of this, Peter has provided aid to the education system and organizations fighting poverty throughout the country, especially for children. As a successful investor, Peter is happy that he is capable of providing support to various different communities and groups.

Peter Briger has also started up a program for Princeton in which students can receive aid for their business and investments ideas, such as creating a start-up. With a possible 100 thousand dollars in funds to be given, all prospective entrepreneurs can bring in their ideas and potentially turn them into a reality. The main purpose of this program is not only to provide students with their own startups but to promote innovation and creativity among students.