PosiGen CEO, Thomas Neyhart, Creating A Greener Environment For The Earth And For Communities


Where would you expect to find the highest number of solar-powered, lower income homes, proportionate to population? California might come to mind. It’s often considered the home of planet warriors. Maybe New York, or Nevada. You might not guess Louisiana. Yet, Louisiana is the correct answer (Prnewswire). 


The southern state can boast a higher number of solar powered homes in lower income communities because of one man, Thomas Neyhart. PosiGen CEO, Neyhart, created his company to target and thereby impact disproportionately disadvantaged communities first. Alternative, sustainable energy and energy conservation can certainly help the planet. But, Thomas Neyhart figured his green energy company could do even more. The PosiGen CEO had a vision that by targeting the homes of those in census-determined lower income regions, he could impact entire communities. 


Data shows many homes in regions where lower income citizens live are impacted by industrial pollutants. PosiGen’s energy audits for these often much older homes can devise where the smog, chemicals, or other particulates are gaining access. With upgrades to eliminate these invaders, the inhabitants experience better health, greater warmth and a cleaner microcosm. Solar energy systems, the cherry on the PosiGen menu, affords these older home owners a further way to save money. The company’s families first model keeps household expenses down, while making older homes more moneywise. Thomas Neyhart believes that stronger, more economically independent families ensure stronger and more independent communities. In democratizing solar power, Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen CEO, has proved that supporting a stronger and greener Earth also supports stronger communities.