Laura McQuade Takes the Lead at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is a New York-based organization that supports reproductive health care for Americans. Over the years, it has managed to help several patients while registering high revenue.

For instance, in 2018, the institution had revenue worth $54 million. The following year, Planned Parenthood had 97,000 visits from 61,000 patients. Laura McQuade has been at the forefront of the operations of the organization.

As the chief executive officer at Planned Parenthood, she oversees significant expansion projects. She has overseen the merger of five affiliates of the organization. According to her, this move is crucial for a better comprehensive medical care.

At 51 years, Laura McQuade will head the merger with an allocated $110 million for operations. The merger has drawn a lot of support from several states. This is due to the unmet need for organizations offering improved reproductive health care. With the recent developments, Planned Parenthood would have 900 workers and 28 medical centers.

This would enable the organization to attend to the reproductive medical needs of 200,000 patients every year. Given such expansions, the organization could negotiate better terms with commercial payers.

Laura McQuade believes the merger would lead to partnerships with reputable healthcare systems. It would also promote reproductive and sexual health care throughout the state.

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