Why Is Leonid Radvinsky so Interested in Old Programming Languages?

Leo Radvinsky

Programming languages are a little like fashion in that they come and go based on the whims of developers. When old languages die off, either because they were clunky or because newer languages come along, visionaries don’t forget. Leo Radvinsky has looked to the past to plot the future.

The Languages of Today 

Tech visionary Leo Radvinsky grew up with Visual Basic, and it changed his life. He looks for parallels between his experiences and those of novice developers today.

This is why he’s invested in B4X, a suite of development tools that fit the needs of those learning to write code. Easy to learn and fun to use, B4X has a way of making complicated concepts seem far less overwhelming. Introductory programming is crucial in today’s tech-forward era.

Leonid Radvinsky’s Investment in Elixir 

Elixir is a modern language based on Erlang VM. Its predecessor was a somewhat counterintuitive language in desperate need of some streamlining. Open source software development was able to do just that, keeping its versatility and ditching the cumbersome features. Leo Radvinsky was impressed with just how capable Elixir was at keeping up with across multiple platforms. He sees this as a chance to change the direction of software development as we know it.

Who Is Leonid Radvinsky?

Leo Radvinsky has always had a strong grasp on the tech industry, and he sees connections that other people don’t. When a programming language is discarded, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value but rather that there is room for improvement. Leo’s outlook has allowed him to continue to push the boundaries within the sector, while investing in projects he believes in.

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